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the piceno and his treasures

The Piceno is a region of unparalleled beauty, it is an extraordinary mosaic of civilizations and nature.
The province of Ascoli Piceno is a place that offers the opportunity to get in touch with the reality of history, art, landscapes, ancient traditions and ancient flavours of good food. Here's everything a guest could desire: 

  • Art and culture: the cities of art, ancient medieval villages, historic theaters, museums and art galleries, archeological sites, Romanesque and medieval architecture;
  • Wonderful nature: the sea, with its expanses of fine white sand, the unmistakable landscape of hills and mountains with two national parks, one of the Monti Sibillini and Monti della Laga
  • Piceno offers to cyclists and motorcyclists the possibility to speed on a lot of paths on its whole territory, along the coast, among hills, mountain, small medieval suburbs and artistic and cultural towns. 
  • sports: at the sea there is the possibility to practice numerous sports as sailing, beach volleyball, fishing, boating ...
  • Culinary traditions, mixing flavours and aromas of land and sea, its warm hospitality and high standards of accommodation.

Our itineraries allow to discover the region and some of its peculiarities and characteristics; it winds among several towns and villages. 

In the hills: Ripatransone, Cossignano, Offida, Castignano, Montalto, Montedinove, Carassai, Montefiore dell'Aso, Monterubbiano, Moresco, Massignano; and of course the beautiful Ascoli Piceno. It should be noted that Ascoli Piceno is a gem for tourists. The architecture is wonderful (roman and through the ages), but it is not trampled by tourists as so many other towns are.

On the sea: Cupra Marittima, Grottammare, San Benedetto del Tronto